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How Much Does a Memory Care Facility Cost?

The need for memory care facilities is expected to double over the next couple of decades, creating a significant need for this specialty service.

If this is something you or a loved one are considering, one of the main questions is “how much does a memory care facility cost?” Let’s dive right in and look at the answer to that question.

So How Much Does a Memory Care Facility Cost?

Average Monthly Cost Of Memory Care Facilities: $5,000

Average Monthly Cost Of Assisted Living Facilities: $3,400

In addition to the traditional personal care support and meals that assisted living provides, memory care facilities also provide the specialty care that is sometimes required.

Up next, additional benefits of memory care facilities.

Additional Benefits Of Memory Care Facilities

  • These facilities create an environment design by experts specifically for patients with Dementia or Alzheimer’s symptoms.
  • Memory care facilities don’t isolate patients from other residents.
  • Memory care facilities offer therapeutic and leisure programs designed to help improve memory and other dementia-type behaviors.
  • Memory care facilities operate 24 hours a day, offering comfort for loved ones and families.
  • Memory care facilities may improve quality of life for those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

These are just a few of the primary reasons memory care facilities can greatly improve life for those dealing with memory care issues.

Overall, they’re simply better staffed and resourced to provide round the clock care needed for those suffering from memory issues.

This leads to fewer falls or accidents, improved medication regiments, more support for behavioral issues and better nutrition and wellness support.

When all these benefits are combined, it can offer those living in these facilities a greater sense of independence and social interaction.