How To Prevent Dementia – 11 Expert Recommendations

Dementia can cover a wide range of conditions and while most risk factors are related to age and genetics, others are not.

This leads to the simple question many have – how to prevent dementia?

Can You Prevent Dementia?

The quick answer is, in some cases, yes. However, it is a tricky question, and requires a detailed answer.

The thing about dementia is that there are risk factors that are unavoidable and cannot be changed. This includes age and genetics.

Naturally, you cannot change your age nor your genes just to avoid dementia. However, there are also risk factors that are completely avoidable.

In doing so, you can lessen the risks of getting symptoms and preventing dementia. As mentioned in a previous article, other biggest risk factors of dementia are excessive alcohol consumption, brain injuries, and exposure to air pollution. These are classified as preventable risk factors.

More risk factors include hearing loss, mid-life obesity, diabetes, social isolation, physical inactivity, mid-life hypertension and depression. So, how can you prevent these? Read the expert recommendations below.

Expert Recommendations

According to experts, there are ways and behaviors people can adapt to help prevent future cases of dementia. These recommendations are listed below:

  1. Reducing exposure to air pollution
  2. Reducing exposure to secondhand smoke
  3. Encouraging the use of hearing aids
  4. Protecting the ears from high noise levels
  5. Stop or avoid smoking
  6. Limit alcohol consumption to less than 21 units per week
  7. Maintaining systolic blood pressure at or below 130mm Hg for those who are at the age of 40 or older
  8. Preventing head injuries
  9. Providing primary and secondary education to children
  10. Lead an active lifestyle, especially into the mid-life and older
  11. Reducing obesity and diabetes by leading a healthy lifestyle

By adapting these recommendations from experts, you are on the right path to preventing dementia. These tips are not just for the young, it is also for the middle and senior aged.

Yes, it is never too late to adapt these habits and start making a change. Not only will these tips help reduce the risk of dementia, but it will also encourage you to live a better, healthier lifestyle. These tips increase the quality of life without side effects, too.