This Video Of A Woman With Alzheimer’s Getting The News Her Daughter Is Pregnant (10 Different Times) Is Both Heartwarming And Heartbreaking

This video may make you laugh.

This video may make you cry.

Or, it may very well make you do both.

It was made by a woman, Christine, who tells her mom she’s pregnant. But because her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, her mom doesn’t remember the exciting news.

So the video shows her telling her mom she’s pregnant on 10 different occasions. And, every time she tells her mom, her mom is surprised by the news.

There is certainly a sad, heartbreaking side of this video. The memory loss those with Alzheimer’s experience is nothing to smile about.

However, it’s possible to see the positive in it as well.

Christine’s mom is so sweet and her reaction each time she hears the exciting news is adorable.

The wide eyes… the clapping… the giggles and smiles… the “Ooooohh”s.

It can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

Those who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s know the physical and emotional toll it takes all too well. Not just on those suffering from the disease but their spouses, children and other loved ones.

And, unfortunately, there is no treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s yet.

So all we can try to do is make the best of it. And, in this video, Christine gives us an example of how.

She doesn’t get frustrated or angry with her mom. She doesn’t just tell her mom once and then forget about it.

Instead, she uses the situation to bring her mom joy… over and over again. And you can see, 10 times in this video, she does exactly that. Her mom truly lights up with genuine happiness each and every time.

You can see this heartbreaking and heartwarming video here (you just may want to grab a tissue first!)…

Source: YouTube