Can These Popular Brain Games For Seniors Help Prevent Dementia?

Maybe your search for brain games for seniors apps started when you forgot to pay that last electric bill.

Or perhaps names and words aren’t popping into your head quite as quickly as they used to. Or, darn it, just where did I put my keys?

When these things happen as we get older they can give us quite a scare. We wonder if it’s just a “senior moment” or could possibly be a sign of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Either way, millions of people are turning to brain game apps online in an attempt to slow down, if not eliminate, the risk of dementia and memory loss. And there are a ton of apps claiming they can do just that.

In this article we’re going to look at whether these apps can really help eliminate the risk of dementia. And we’ll also look at 5 of the most common brain game apps out there.

Can Brain Games for Seniors Reduce (Or Eliminate) the Risk of Dementia?

It’s just a fact of life. As we get older, our brains don’t work as well as they used to. There are a number of things we can do to help keep our brains in as good a shape as possible.

These include:

  • Getting regular exercise
  • Socializing regularly
  • Heating a healthy diet
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • Exercising our brains

It’s this last one that’s the focus of all the brain game apps flooding Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

But do they work? Can they help improve memory and/or help us fend off dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Well, it depends who you ask.

There are some studies out there that have found no link between these brain games and a reduced risk of dementia.

There are other studies that have found the opposite. In fact, research presented at an international Alzheimer’s conference a few years back had an interesting finding. It found that older adults who did ten 1-hour “brain training sessions” in a 5 week period were 48% less likely to develop dementia in the following 10 years. That’s pretty encouraging!

So do brain game apps work?

We can’t answer that 100%. More research needs to be done.

And, if they can help fend off dementia, how well they do likely depends on the quality of the app you choose).

However, brain games for seniors apps fall into the category of “it can’t hurt.” At the end of the day, a good brain game app will keep our minds stimulated and can be loads of fun!

So whether they can actually reduce or eliminate our chances of getting dementia, there’s no harm in using them.

To that end, we’ve looked at 5 of the most popular brain game apps on the market that are good options to start with if you’re looking to exercise your brain. Here they are in no particular order…

The Top 5 Brain Game Apps For Improving Memory and Brain Function


CogniFit was founded way back in 1999. The goal of the company has been to “assess and improve cognitive health.” In recent years they’ve taken the brain stimulation tools and turned them into a highly popular mobile app available on Google Play and in the App Store. It is available worldwide in more than 15 languages.

One cool thing about the CogniFit app is that they are collaborating with hospitals, universities, foundations and investigation centers around the world to ensure you will get the most accurate results from the app.

The goal is to investigate and combine the latest discoveries about the brain with advanced algorithms making simple tasks in the form of games. All of the tests, stimulations and activities found in the app are based on scientific methodology.

The app is able to measure, train and accurately monitor cognitive abilities and their relationships with the neurological pathologies. Another great thing about CogniFit is that it is not only for seniors. It can be used by children, teenagers, and younger adults. You can check CogniFit out here.


Peak is currently available in both the Apple Store and Google Play so everyone with a smartphone can use it. The goal of the app is to make lifelong progress enjoyable for everyone.

The app uses a combination of neuroscience, technology and fun to get what remaining “inactive” grey cells active and striding purposefully towards their full potential.

Peak is designed to make the stimulating the brain more fun and enjoyable for every age. It helps you sharpen and improve your cognitive skills to reach the peak of your brain’s potential. Learn more about the Peak Brain Training app here.

Fit Brains

The Fit Brains app is a revolutionary game that offers “balanced cognitive stimulation” across the six major brain areas. This includes focus, memory, logic, speed, visual and language.

The company offers a number of specialized apps for both iOS and Android users. There is an app for folks of every age. And apps that address every major brain areas including the Logic Trainer, the Cognitive Assessment, the Focus Trainer and more.

It’s an innovative and adaptive learning system that helps to scale the level of each game to the user’s appropriate level automatically.

This awesome brain fitness program was developed by Dr. Paul Nussbaum, one of the top clinical neuropsychologists in the U.S. Check out the applications here.


Next on the list is the Elevate app. It is a new type of cognitive training tool that’s designed to build your communication and analytical skills. While it is relatively new to the market, Elevate has had more than 25 million downloads in both the App Store and Google Play.

The app offers 35 different games focusing on different parts of the brain such as speaking, writing, reading, communication, math and more. As with all these apps, it lets you train your brain wherever you are and whenever you want. It also lets you track your daily progress. Check it out here.


Last, but definitely not the least, on this list is the Lumosity app. Arguably the most well known brain game app out there.

This revolutionary app helps you exercise your mind in the easiest ways possible. All you have to do is take a few minutes of your day to play 3 brain games.

Each game is designed to sharpen your everyday skills such as attention, memory, flexibility, speed, and problem solving. Each day, you get a new brain challenge to help you improve. The app is designed to challenge and train your brain skills. Check out more about Lumosity here.

What Are Your Favorites?

There you have it for this list of the top 5 brain games for seniors apps that are loads of fund and could possibly help reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Do you use any other brain training apps? Share your favorites in the comment section below!