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When is it Time for a Memory Care Facility? These 15 Signs Will Let You Know

Placing a loved one in a memory care facility is one of the most difficult decisions anyone has to make in life.

So it’s no surprise that that the single most common question we get is about this very topic. The question usually goes something like this…

“How do I/we know it’s time to get more help in caring for my/our loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia?”

When Is It Time For a Memory Care Facility?

It’s a tough – yet, extremely important – question to ask. You want to do what’s best for your loved one. But you feel very conflicted.

Part of you thinks “I/We can’t keep putting this off.”

And part of you thinks “How can I do this to my spouse/parent/loved one?”

To help you work through this difficult decision, we have developed a list of 15 statements to consider as you face this challenging decision…

  1. Caring for my loved one is leaving me feeling constantly exhausted and I’m not getting enough sleep.
  2. It’s a struggle for me to physically help my loved one into and out of chairs, the bed, the car, etc.
  3. I am constantly worrying about my loved one’s physical safety.
  4. My loved one no longer knows who I am.
  5. My loved one is falling more often and I am having a hard time helping her or him back up.
  6. My loved one is often combative and frequently gets upset with me.
  7. My loved one is not eating properly and/or is not talking his or her medications correctly.
  8. My loved one is incontinent and I am unable to manage this need.
  9. My loved one can no longer manage his or her personal hygiene.
  10. My loved one is forgetting to pay bills and isn’t able to manage her or his finances correctly any longer.
  11. My loved one doesn’t keep the house clean and/or is no longer able to care for pets or plants anymore.
  12. My loved one has suffered water or fire damage is his or her home because she/he forgot to turn off the water or burners on the stove.
  13. My loved one thinks he or she can leave and go out on their own but doesn’t always know the way back.
  14. His/her doctor has told me it’s time.
  15. Everyone else is telling me it’s time… therapist, support group, children, siblings, friends, etc.

If you find that three or more of these statements are true for either yourself and/or your loved one, it’s time to at least consider placing them in a memory care facility.

Even if you’re not quite ready to place your loved one, it’s better to make initial contact with a few local facilities sooner rather than later. Go on some visits, gather information, and learn what options are available.

You can find some reputable memory care facilities near you by searching the listings here.